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Living in Vancouver BC. That’s in Canada, so we live UP in the border.

No, I can’t rap.

I can sing though, though greatly untrained so i’m pitchy at best. :(

I’m physically clumsy and uncoordinated, so my basketball skills aren’t good.

I did run track and field once upon a time in primary school.

I also play a good badminton game. My dancing skills are club-worthy, but they don’t go much elsewhere. 

Enthusiastic but sporadic writer.

Former full-time artist, seasonal doodler…

Although as of right now, I’m a college student. That’s my actual profession. :)

Mildly erratic narcissist…

But can be appeased if the companion can muster my attention for an actual period of time.

Likes: movies, tv, arts and entertainment, music, sleeping, food, fashion (though it’s a growing art), androgyny, pretty things and people.

Dislikes: cold vegetables, sour candy, discord, science, the cold.

Anything of interest?

1) Suzanne Helen James isn’t my real name.

2) It’s actually a pen name that I wrote for when I’d be famous. 

3) I have a pun for my real name: “It’s the flower, not the rice nor the birth control”

4) I’m Bilingual in French and English.

5) In the future, i’d like to learn Latin and German. No joke. 

6) I am a former anime nerd. So if you ever have anything anime-related to ask me, go on ahead!

7) I’m sure I’m pretty gay.

8) I’m a reblogger blog.

9) If you follow me, I follow back.

10) If I do follow you, its because I either know you in real life, or you’re some hot chick from far away whom I will never meet but get to stare at all day, or you live to make analytical neutral, constructive rants without making me feel intimidated or annoyed. Or all 3 at once.